Monday, June 9, 2008

I think I can...

In just under two hours I said 'think' 6 times and 'thought' three times and I sent two IMs. It's like talking to a dog or a child or a brick wall. She says 'Don't say these words.' Simple enough. How about if I say them 4 or 5 times an hour?

One of my IMs in that span of time was to rachelle, so not too big a deal; she gets it and offered to TP me. The other IM was a response to a group IM. It wasn't a D/s group or even a small group. I sent an IM to the group 'Obama for President' and they all (probably all 922 of them) got an IM saying that mine was blocked by my viewer. Then they all started talking and laughing about it in the group IM and all I could do was just sit and watch. I eventually closed the IM and left the group.

I was so careful when I was bane; I wonder why this is so much more difficult for me. This seems like a much less drastic condition than being a bane and the punishments are less severe but it still seems that I should use the same caution and care,

I spent that entire two hours with rachelle. I never know if I should capitalize her 'R.' I should at least pick something and go with it instead of being so inconsistent. Anyway, she becomes a more valuable friend every time I meet her. She is always so full of advice and tips that I'm sure would have taken me forever to figure out. What a mercy it is that I have her!

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