Thursday, June 5, 2008

Emilee the Parrot

I like to emote when I speak with people in SL. It's not a role play thing; to me it makes what people experience in SL a bit richer and moves things a few strides beyond the commonplace 'LOL' and 'How R U?' approach that so many people take. I don't mean to say that there is anything wrong with 'LOL' per se; it's just that there are deeper, more emotive way to express yourself. Anyway...

When I am in a conversation with Mistress it seems like I start every sentence with
'/me nods' or '/me smiles.' I feel so illiterate typing '/me nods. "Yes Mistress." so many times in the same conversation; the same true for '/me smiles.'

The synonyms for nod just won't work either:

  • acceptance
  • acknowledge - this one is a maybe but isn't very conversational
  • agree - this one has potential
  • approve - Mistress would skin me if I gave my approval!
  • acquiesce - see note on assent
  • assent - same as approve
  • beckon
  • bend (bend?)
  • bow
  • consent
  • curtsy (Good but might be a bit cumbersome *rolls her eyes*)
  • drift - another cause for a skinning
  • drowse - ditto above
  • genuflect - Ahah! Problem solved
  • gesture - too vague
  • motion
  • salute
  • signal
  • sleep - skinned

I think for now I might just have to keep nodding; the synonyms for smile aren't much better:

  • beam
  • expression
  • grin
  • laugh
  • rictus
  • simper
  • smirk
  • sneer

Not much luck there either.

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