Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I think (oops) I get it

You've been telling me from the start not to think. How is it possible not to think? It’s like in Ghostbusters when the giant marshmallow man attacked New York - a person can't NOT think. It's just impossible.

I’ve been realizing the difference between thinking and responding instinctually. If you ask an awkward question and I stop and think about it, the answer will be quite different than if I give an immediate, gut response. It’s an ancient test-taking strategy to go with your first answer on a tough question because it will usually be correct; over thinking a question will lead to an unnecessarily complex (and probably wrong) answer. It’s like that with you.

If I just answer without thinking, you’ll get the raw, unadulterated me. If I think about the answer, you still get me but quite a different flavor of me. You get the calculating, reasoned, posturing me and not the naked, exposed me.

I realized this not all at once; it was sort of a process and after all the thought I’ve given it, I will be more than a little frustrated with myself if I’ve gotten it wrong.

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