Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kind of a long day in SL today

I had a marathon session in SL today. I had nothing on my schedule so I logged in and just took calls and worked and kept half an eye on SL for most of the day.

My goodness I drank a lot of water today! There isn't really a very comfortable period when I am in SL with this rule. Actually the first hour or so isn't too bad. After that I am constantly uncomfortable and I have myself to blame or thank.

What a place SL is. The people you meet and the world they create there for themselves is just astounding to me. In SL people can be whatever they want; the anonymity should make it easy to overcome whatever insecurities you have in RL and yet there are people who are nearly crippled by shyness and paranoia and who knows what else? Kind of sad really. Oh well...

I heard from a an old friend today. Actually a Mistress I had served. She told me about a hypnosis website and was convinced that it works. I immediately thought that it might be helpful to me but then wondered how Mistress would feel. Would she see it as a tool or as sort of an impostor?

Not much else happened today even though I spent so much time online.

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Chili Theas said...

Hello Emilee, I have been following your progress from a distance and have to say I am a big fan of your blog (yes, I've read (almost) all of it). And since you mentioned hypnosis, I feel I *finally* have to make a comment: Hypnosis does work. I could go on about this, but I think it's best that you do some research on your own ;)