Saturday, May 16, 2009

A very recent addition to my rules

The rule:

No more than three caffeinated drinks per day.

How i fear people will perceive it:

"That's totally overboard Emilee. You should be able to drink what you want, when you want. SL is SL and RL is RL!"

How i perceive it:

Mistress knows that i've been having trouble sleeping lately and started taking a sleeping pill before bed. She feels like if i'd not drink 6 Starbucks and 3 Coke Zeros in a day, i might be better able to get some rest. i appreciate Her being a bit forceful in having me do something i should be doing for myself.

The spell checker in Blogger recognizes 'decaffeinated' but not 'caffeinated'. Even Blogger agrees that i should be decaffeinated.

The Manila Bulletin from yesterday is incomplete. At around 3:00 AM i had the shuttle take me to Starbucks but didn't excede my daily limit.

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