Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's the thought that counts?

There are SO many ways that this phrase is wrong for me right now...

i was so proud of myself trying to be SO proactive and do so many things for Mistress and one of the things She asked me for slipped through the cracks. We've been working on my list of rules (38 as it stands now) and she asked for two lists, one that had them divided by section and another that listed them in what i perceived to be the order of importance.

i did the first part which was of course the easiest but for some reason, my eyes never fell softly upon Mistress' request for the second list. Actually they did fall softly but when they saw Her request, my brain softly forgot all about it.

So much for my feeling proud of myself, being proactive, etc. i just need to pay attention.

#1 on the list? Any guesses?

Actually it was kind of a tie. The most important rules that Mistress has made for me are those that affect my mind. Everything starts and ends there. If someone has you by the brain, the rest should follow quite easily.

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