Friday, May 29, 2009

My next career?

i was doing Scramble today for the first time in a long time and i must say i was a bit rusty. Either that or they made the words harder.

[0:33] GS: Scramble: No solution found. The answer was 'RAMOLLESCENCE'.

Who in the world has ever heard of ramollescence? Sheesh.

i was Scrambling for about 40 minutes when Jan logged in and we continued our interrupted time together from yesterday. Just as She logged in, i was wondering how much Scramble would pay as a full time job.

Not much.

At the rate that i made Lindens today, i would make $18L per hour. That works out to $5760 per week and $288,000L per year (assuming a 50 week year with two weeks off for vacation of course). That's $1107.99 in US dollars. It looks like i should keep my day job for now.

They also have Hangman at the place i went today and though i wasn't playing, i noticed that this word popped up:

[1:11] GS: Hangman: No solution found. The answer was 'SUBMISSIVE'.

i haven't seen Mistress since before i took a few SL days off over the last weekend. i am beginning to feel that hesitant state of concern that will either be interpreted as genuine concern or misinterpreted as my being needy and clingy. i do look forward to seeing Mistress and i want Her to feel the same and that is what makes our relationship a challenge for me. i depend on Her too much sometimes to give me things to do to please Her but it is hard to be proactive at times. What to do?

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