Friday, May 15, 2009

Two invitations at once

Talking with Chili tonight and she invited me to come see Apollo, which is very probably the most beautiful place in SL. Really absolutely stunning but don't tell anyone! It is already crowded enough. At the same time Chili offered to TP me, Izo invited me to her home in SL.

What an honor for me to be so requested!

Talking with Izo, i was surprised to see a similarity in what we both endure. She has to write lines and essays just like i do but hers are with a pen! Ack! My hand would fall off.

We actually ‘met’ for the first time tonight and we were pleased to see that we’re both normal people and not the typical SL slave, dressed in silks or some slutwear and cuffs. Later on she said something and cursed her English (she speaks French as her native language) but to me, she put it perfectly:

[16:48] Izo Pakula: Comes with what we were talking about earlier about clothes for slaves or subs. People play first, like bad actors. Then realize it's not a bad theater, but they stick to their character

While we were talking, her partner logged in. i’m not quite sure what to call him. Partner, Master, Owner, Bill… *shrugs*

We talked more about doing lines and how effective they can be.

[16:52] Bill Stoneage: I'm working on some new ideas for them to make it less boring
[16:52] Izo Pakula: drawings?
[16:53] Emilee Gackt: That's very considerate of you to do.
[16:53] Bill Stoneage: sort of one forward, one backwards two forward, two backwards
[16:53] Izo Pakula don't even understand
[16:53] Emilee Gackt: Simultaneously, one with the left and one with the right hands?
[16:53] Bill Stoneage: nope
[16:53] Izo Pakula starts laughing
[16:54] Emilee Gackt: My guess is that He means one line would be 'i will be good' and the next would be 'good be will i.'

my guess was correct:

[16:55] Bill Stoneage: I like writing lines .............. lines writing like I ...........I like writing lines .............. I like writing lines .............. lines writing like I .............. lines writing like I

Then He had this idea:

[16:56] Bill Stoneage: I always like the idea of moving a letter at a time from front to back
[16:57] Bill Stoneage: a good deterrent

And i had this idea:

[16:57] Emilee Gackt: Let's not mention any of this to Mistress, shall we?
Then i had to be honest:

[16:57] Bill Stoneage: I'd have thought that you'd mention it to her, emilee
[16:58] Emilee Gackt: Well honestly i have no choice but to blog about all this you know.
[16:58] Izo Pakula: Big Evil takes over :-)
[16:59] Izo Pakula: Now that is hard!
[16:59] Emilee Gackt: What is hard?
[16:59] Emilee Gackt: Having to blog about it?
[17:00] Izo Pakula: Yes, forced to give ideas :-)
[17:01] Emilee Gackt: Well it is always better not to withhold from Her
[17:01] Bill Stoneage: nope

It was fascinating talking to the two of them. i felt somehow validated and sort of… a camaraderie knowing that Izo endures much of what i do. They both said it was well done, which was humbling somehow. i don't really feel a lot of ownership of the blog since it was Mistress' idea and it is really written for her. i am glad that people are finding it useful/interesting/not totally objectionable.

i still have a few things on my list to do yet:

  • I IM’d Rain (the landlord) about the ejector seat for the house and SL crashed (again). I’d have liked to keep a log of the chat between Izo and i but thanks to SL, it’s i know it was an SL crash this time (and last time) because i got those crash logger pop ups.
  • I have a few lines to do but i’ll finish those before i get a little sleep
  • I need to compile my rules for Mistress and i want to be thorough about it so i am scanning through my saved copies of our conversations to make sure i have everything. Very time consuming so far.

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