Friday, May 22, 2009

Gackty 2.0

Can it be that i am finally getting it?

[1:01] Jacquelin Mazi: good girl.... now let me tell you my feelings on your performance for the past week....[1:01] Emilee Gackt takes a breath and steadies herself. "Yes Mistress, i'm listening."[1:02] Jacquelin Mazi taps your nose emphasizing each word: "Very..... *tap*.... very.... *tap*.... very.. *tap*.... good... *beeps*

i've never gotten this many nose beeps all at once before. i'm not sure that this will mean much to anyone but me but it made me happy. It is as motivating as is it satisfying.

i owe both Mistress and Jan my thanks for their patience.

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