Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now hear this!

Mistress can see 76 folders in Her RLV folder, menu, pages... whatever it is that She sees... She can see 76 folders, not all of the 79 that i have in there at present. Probably the next time She is online we'll clean things up a bit and remove some duplicates and some things that She isn't particularly fond of.

We spent today going through all 76 folders, one at a time. When i logged in, the first thing She put on me was the Bane Suit. i shuddered, She laughed. She was just testing things and hadn't decided to banish me yet again.

Oh - i totally missed Madeline's SL party for Her RL birthday. She originally told me it would be Sunday morning SL time and then sent an invitation a day or two later. When i opened it late Saturday night i saw that She had changed the date to Saturday night at 8:00 SL time. Oops. Sorry Madeleine, if You're even reading this.

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