Friday, May 29, 2009

A typo-free evening?

i logged on with a goal tonight but after i considered it, i realized that i couldn't do it by myself. i'd need someones 'help' with it. i am going to try to get through an entire 'session' in SL with no typos. A bit optimistic? Perhaps but a lofty goal is better than no goal.

Typo count so far: 0
Time in SL: 12 minutes
Lines of type: 2

Off to a solid start!

Time in SL so far: 31 minutes
Typo count: 0
Line of type: lots

First typo: 7:03

Being with Mistress is most often a varying experience. It is calm sometimes and even fun and it is sometimes unnerving and stress inducing. It was right about 7:03 that She reminded me (again) of how good She is at what She does in SL and how stress inducing She can be. Despite it all (and there was much of it) i still managed to end the night with only a few typos, probably fewer than 10.

So here is a fair question... why did i feel the need to give myself this little challenge? i've raised the bar unnecessarily and even blogged about it. At this point i will have no choice but to type with as much care and attention from now on as i did tonight.

That phrase 'from now on' can be a powerful one:
  • From now on, you will only be allowed to breathe on days that end in a Y.
  • From now on, you will receive an allowance of $1000L a week.
  • From now on, you will type with one finger.
  • From now on...

You get the point by now i am sure. It is strange that i have put myself into a position where someone like Mistress has the ability to wield such power in only 3 words and it is also strange how i am learning to adapt to what She wants from me. Adapt and be strengthened really.

Guess You had to be there.

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