Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hard for me to get this point...

This was Mistress' response after i asked my 3rd question of the evening (morning for her):

[8:06] Jacquelin Mazi: if you have a question... you write it down and ask when I am finished with you.... do you get that yet?

Please keep in mind that this quote is completely out of context and makes Her sound like a complete ogre (which maybe is what She had in mind) but in my mind, the way this conversation progresses, this would have been a perfectly reasonable thing for anyone in Her position to say.

We spent a lot of time sorting through my voluminous wardrobe tonight. She said that we got about half way and that we'd pick up with it again next time. [my most excited voice] i simply can't wait! It is a small frustration for me that when Mistress puts something on me, i can't really tell her how i usually like to wear or what i like to wear it with.

One of the things i need to do is work on the names of a few folders. i had them all named for Her benefit and not mine. i tried to pick names that were succinct and still descriptive. She told me to change the name of one folder and it seemed at the time that it was for my benefit but now that i've had a chance to look, it was clearly and obviously for Hers... as it should be.

She found a few of my outfits that barely measured up the Her standards. This is the part where it sucks to be a slave. Two of the four that she said were barely OK are two of my favorites. Like She always says, sometimes it sucks to be a slave.

Mistress gave me a project tonight and almost acknowledged that it was impossible. i need a sim with no lag for Her to finish the wardrobe project. One challenge is obvious - no lag in SL? Hah! Another challenge is that when She would switch from one outfit to another, i had no lag at all so finding one with no lag will be a challenge.

Three possibilities so far:
  • Fame (seems to be ok lag-wise but rated PG)
  • Waterhead
  • Kapor (mostly underwater and rated PG but if you are underwater when you change clothes, who would see?)

i did a quick check of Waterhead. It was almost too laggy to move. i've been to Fame before and it was almost always empty but the few people i ever met there were oddballs.

Another challenge:

[8:17] Jacquelin Mazi: hm.... I'm not thrilled with the material... the cut is okay... but as a general rule.. I dislike ruffles and frilly things.... and sheer... so this one barely makes the cut

So the tricky part of this is that a long time ago, Mistress said that a white lace top i have was one of Her favorites. Not ruffly or frilly but it seemed to me that it would be in that general category.

i just TP'd to Fame (which seemed to have no lag but to me, neither did the house) and landed in a giraffe race. See what i mean?

i have two outfits that have maroon jackets (see below). In the folder that Mistress uses to pick what i wear, they have similar names and so it is hard for Her to tell the difference, especially since one is all on the shirt layer and one is all on the jacket layer. i was apparently wearing two layers from different outfits when She looked at them.

Outfit-Jns/Maroon Jkt


When Mistress asked if i had any last questions i *really* wish i had asked Her how to name these two to avoid any more confusion.

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