Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm keeping track now

As soon as Mistress gives me something to do (or hints at it or if an idea pops into my head about it) i make a list and a commitment to finish it as soon as i can. Today's list (actually it is from last night):
  • Find Mistress a colorable blindfold. It turns out that i had one in my inventory already in a box of freebies that someone gave away when She closed Her shop (Dari's House). They aren't freebies in the traditional SL sense; these are things that She used to sell for kind of a lot of money. This to do item is marked as semi-done until Mistress gives me Her opinion of the blindfold.
  • i have about 12 corsets in my Inventory (i got a package deal on corsets a long time ago). Mistress said She wanted to go though them all and maybe delete some from the RLV folder. i took a pic of each one and will either post them here (unlikely) or put them on one or two pages and email them to Her (more likely).
  • She mentioned that she liked a few outfits i had and asked where they were from. i told Her, made a note on the LM and sent it along to Her.

Blogger's spelling suggestion for 'colorable' is 'Clarabelle.'

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