Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More from last time

my last blog post was really far too brief given how happy i was that Mistress was so pleased with me. The last time we had together was special for a few reasons:
  • i truly believed for the first time in a long time that Mistress was pleased with me and my efforts and...
  • was the last time i was going to log in to SL for a a few days and so...
  • ...i was very happy that i was able to start the 'break' on such a good note.

Now i am worried that i have 'raised the bar syndrome' and that i don't have an encore. Mistress gave me some things to do and i did a few things on my own but at this point i am nearly tapped out. i'm not sure what to do for my next trick.

She is apparently planning on me getting latex at some point and so i had the idea of looking for a hair style that is 'latexy.' i looked on a few websites and the models' hair is either pretty much like mine or they have that soaked with sweat, stuck to the face look which i am sure Mistress would not much care for.

Then it occurred to me that i'd need shoes if i was ever to be all done up in rubber. i was smart enough to check my inventory before i went browsing around and it looks like the ones i have will do (assuming that Mistress approves of them of course).

So two projects ticked off as complete almost as quickly as they were conceived. i am a dynamo of productivity.

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