Thursday, December 4, 2008

A new rule...

[1:02] Jacquelin Mazi: its not your birthday.... its not christmas..... maybe it is about Kwanza I think.... but..... either way
[1:02] Jacquelin Mazi: you're Mine.....
[1:02] Jacquelin Mazi: you own nothing that I do not allow

So no more gifts unless Mistress allows it. Her reasoning is that if someone just gives me whatever I want, I will have no motivation to earn anything and to me it makes sense but I am sure that there are some people - and one in particular - who will find this rule at the very least a nuisance and probably extreme and just mean. To that person, whoever she may be, I have this to say...

You are one of the most true and loyal friends I have made in this world or the other that I sometimes visit and I thank you for being so patient and sacrificing so much just for a bit of MLE time. You are a dear and I know that when Mistress gives me a rule it applies to us both in a way. That you endure with me makes you one of the very best.

Here is a bullet pointed list of things that Mistress and I discussed, some of which are inappropriate to mention here so they've been edited.
  • I am not so sick and lame in the leg that she is going to have me shot.
  • Rxxxxxxx is happy and is done with Pxxxxx and or Pxxxx.
  • I need to mind my Ps and Qs, lest something terrible may happen.
  • Subzero and I need to chat ASAP.
  • Mistress and I are quite happy together with each other.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

Sigh. Oh well. I can deal with it I guess. But I don't have to like it.

(I suppose you do!) :)