Sunday, December 7, 2008

I seem to start out most days with Mistress already in trouble. Yesterday was the same. She put together a rather complicated punishment just for me and pretty much left it open-ended. I was expected another bane existence for an unknown period. At the last moment she called it off but it was a very succinct reminder that as far as I am concerned, she can literally do as she pleases. I don't have to give her permission or 'accept' what she does by clicking something. She does to me as she sees fit, which is of course her right, just as anyone can do anything to something they own.

By the way, I got wireless working again by just rebooting. It is bothersome to me that computers are so inconsistant. Wifi worked fine until I rebooted -> it decides to quit -> I rebooted -> it decides to work. I'm surprised any computer any where actually does what it is supposed to.

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