Saturday, December 6, 2008

I couldn't blog last night and I know Mistress will be annoyed. Perhaps not as much as I am but she won't be happy.

When she left last night I started work on a few things, one of which was updating my viewer. I couldn't delete the old file that I need to get rid because Windows said I needed permission. It wouldn't let me paste the new file over the old one either, no matter what I tried. Finally I rebooted and it worked just fine - I got the new viewer installed and it works just fine.

I went to login to SL again to do a few more things and couldn't connect because I had no Internet connection. I called Cox and they said it must be the wireless box that isn't working so I looked at that and it requires a security code, which I typed in. Nothing happened for a few minutes and then it said something like 'It is taking an unusually long time to connect.'

Well duh.

There is no way I don't have the correct code. I was looking at a piece of paper that had this written on it:

Wireless Security Code: 6xx5xx3xxx.

I called cox this morning and asked how to connect without the wireless system and now here I am, late with my blog, annoyed and probably in trouble but why doesn't my stupid wireless work all of a sudden?

Now the blog...

I believe that I had a misunderstanding. Looking back at it, it is more likely that a didn't pass a little test, since everything that Mistress does seems to have a point.

Last week sometime - Sunday maybe? - Mistress said this:

[2:34] Jacquelin Mazi: 2 chores for the week....

She then listed the two chores. I took that to mean she was being nice and giving me an easy week and that these two were the only chores I'd need to do and so these WERE the only chores I did.

Last night she asked if I did any of my regular chores and I instantly knew I had flubbed it. Regardless of she was looking for I had lost the opportunity to impress with doing a little extra for her.

I keep getting a little pop up that says Windows needs my wireless key to connect. I know already! Sheesh!

I still crave seeing Mistress and am glad I did, even when I see her so briefly.

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