Tuesday, December 30, 2008

499 lines later

I had to do 500 lines for Mistress last week. 500 lines = a major screw up on my part. I turned in the first third to her so she would know that I have been working on them when I asked for more time from her. It was probably not necessary since she would have probably let me have the time either way.

When I turned in the rest of the lines I only turned in a total of 499 lines. Mistress doesn't miss a thing most of the time. I like having such high standards to meet. It is a challenge and I also hate having such high standards to meet because I hate typing lines.

For whatever reason, this time I felt totally ridiculous having to type all those lines. Anyway, Mistress did the math and found that I came up short. She told me and watched me squirm for a while and had me do even MORE lines despite all my whining and begging:

[1:37] Jacquelin Mazi: 10 of them... you may begin now typing them here

She really made me happy right then. To know that she is kind and merciful, yes but more that she is fun.

In the Philippines the team I will be working with will be selling into Australia and will work Australia time, which is a pretty common thing in offshoring. You have to be available when your customers are awake, right? So while I am there, my workdays will start at noon and end at 8:00 pm. If I go eat and such and login to SL at 10 :00 pm, that is 9:00 am on the US east coast. Good for seeing Mistress (I hope) and probably bad for ever seeing poor Jan. Ack! We'll work something out, I promise!

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