Friday, December 12, 2008

I've noticed a 'cycle' when Mistress assigns things to me, depending on how difficult or unpleasant the assignment will be. At first I am kind of in a stuporous shock about it and wonder at how I Will possibly accomplish it. Then as it sinks in, I get more used to the idea. I guess it kind of grows on me. Once I get past that, I move into a stage of hoping it will go away. It seldom does but there is still the hope. Then finally, as I am actually doing the assignment or possibly having it done TO me, I have this feeling of relief that I survived it.

Her latest is like this. At first it was kind of exciting but sort of too... personal. As I was doing what she told me to do, I felt myself becoming resigned to it. Now that it is clear that she still plans on going forward with it, I am moving into the adjustment stage where I will convince myself that it isn't so bad. So far it isn't but so far, we haven't really begun with it.

Mistress has been sick lately and I have been busy as usual lately. A bit of good news about that - they have delayed the next group that I will need to train until after the holidays so I should have some time for everyone coming up soon.

There is a possibility that I will go to the Philippines in the spring. A very slim possibility. That will be a very interesting experience if I do go. Goodness knows what time zone they are. It is probably yesterday of next week there right now.

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

Hi Emilee--

I just wanted you to know that I am sooo missing you. Sick or not, I hope Mistress will let you see me soon. You are totally the best!

Jan smiles.