Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I talked to SubZero today and he asked an interesting question.

[2008/12/09 22:29] SubZero Felwitch: if the Emilee from the time before you met Mistress would read your blog, what would she think?

He was on his way out when he asked this so I suggested that I put my answer here.

The pre-Mistress Emilee? That seems so long ago. It is hard to imagine things in SL without Mistress. The affect she has had on me in SL and RL has been profound. I need to try to remember who I was with then and what I was doing.

I spent most of my SL time on account that is now closed. I had a dear friend and I craved time with her and she was the most depressing person I have ever met. I felt completely wrung out after being with her. I was realizing this just as I met Mistress. THAT Emilee would be very glad to read the blog and see a challenging fulfilling relationship.

On the other hand, the RL Emilee would be shocked. My goodness, the time I devote to Mistress and the brain power I put to her assignments is just huge!

The pre-Mistress Emilee was much more easily fascinated by things in SL and Mistress has ruined all other dominants in SL for me. Not that I mind or have a problem with that of course. Other dominants in SL are just irrelevant to me at this point.

The pre-Mistress Emilee would be amazed at the amount of work that has been put into the blog and just shocked at the content I am sure. No one in my SL past has asked me to do anything in RL, even something so simple as a blog. That was where Mistress started of course and now she is in my mind almost constantly.

The pre-Mistress Emilee would not believe the level of control she has yielded to Mistress. She owns my entire SL, including what I do when I am at the keyboard. Other dominants might say the same thing but she has truly achieved it with me.

I am going to ponder this question a bit more and perhaps put more here about it. It is certainly an interesting concept to consider.

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