Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"you may speak freely"

Mistress was having a bad week and one of the first things She told me tonight was this:

[7:01] Jacquelin Mazi: Unless I ask for more, I only want yes or no from you right now.... I have had a bad week and I will not hesitate to take it out on you... you did not know so I will not punish you this time...

Simple enough instruction, right? Well then why did i mess it up about 4 times? Sheesh! Just before She left, She lifted my speech restriction:

[7:35] Jacquelin Mazi nods: "you may speak freely again.... stay out of trouble...

What a relief! i can speak freely as long as i emote before each sentence, show proper respect and of course, use my approved punctuation.

Reminder: My 'You can see when i am online' box has been unchecked for every one on my list at the instruction of Mistress Jacquelin Mazi.

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