Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finally back online

Every now and then something happens that reminds me that i am in a third world country. This isn't one of those times but that seemed like a dramatic enough intro to add some spark to what really happened. Internet at the hotel has been out all day and was just recently restored. i'm not sure what the problem was (getting a straight answer from people here is nearly impossible) but it is better now.

A mystery solved:

[2009/06/06 5:56] Izo Pakula: (Saved Sat Jun 06 04:43:30 2009) Hello! Aawww I'm sorry, but I thought you knew "Lotofquestions" was me, since I had left already one comment. Your blog requires a Gmail address for comments, I had to create one and suffered a lack of inspiration... Sorry for the confusion

Mistress' original hunch about the secret identity was right. She has a mental superpower about things like that. If the US government wanted to end the war in Afghanistan, they would contact Her to find out where bin Laden is hiding.

By the way, i really am late blogging about this so please accept my apologies.

Emotions i am allowed:

[9:44] Jacquelin Mazi: You can be worried, show fear, love, compassion, gratitude, affection, and possibly a few other positive emotions and I won't say a thing. Oh 'fear' a positive emotion? Yes... for you towards me, it is.
[9:45] Jacquelin Mazi: But... I will NOT have you depressed, OR angry! I might even allow frustration! but thats it!

Here it is again in bullet points, more for my benefit than anyone else:

  • Fear
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude
  • Affection
  • Limited other positive emotions
  • No being depressed or angry

The really big news is finally in and although it isn't good, it certainly could have been much worse. The day or so that i spent waiting for my punishment for not being able to jog for 20 minutes was totally nerve-wracking. i was imagining something really harsh like typing 90,000 lines or being boxed up in SL again. In a way i feel like i got off easy but i say that with caution and respect for what Mistress decided to do.

My punishment for falling short of my jogging goal is a slightly severe restriction on snacking. Mistress gave me the details but basically it is about moderation stepped up a notch or two. i can have two Twizzlers a day or a small bowl of popcorn, chips, etc. The really painful part is that i am banished from Starbucks at least until i can jog for 30 minutes straight (which right now honestly feels like it might as well be a perma-ban).

This might sound like a horrid punishment but now that i've had a day to ponder it, i have decided that not only could it have been much worse, it is really not that bad, especially when i consider that the people i am training never eat snack foods simply because they live in such awful poverty. For me to have to limit what i eat? i can live with that.

i like that this punishment is so practical. Typing out lines is kind of a standard with Mistress but no number of lines will ever get me any closer to a goal. This punishment will be effective as a deterrent, a motivator and as a means to an end.


Lotofquestions said...

Mmmh... Considering May 20th comment, I might not hire you when starting our new special spies recruitment campaign... :-)

Your last posts made me smile. Weird how RL related D/S interractions can be difficult. On one side we call for them, on the other side we almost make a point thinking we won't be able to fulfill requirements and therefore lack so much faith in ourselves we won't really try. I'm not saying you didn't try, I'm more saying you didn't believe you'd achieve your goal from day one. I do the same most of the time. It's a serious mind game and also a very interesting path to explore. (Sorry, I can't help thinking you were willing to see what would happen since (or if) you coudn't jog that long :-), or maybe I put too much of myself in this one)

Lotofquestions said...

AAAARGH! I forgot to sign again! Izo :-)