Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is this how we do it now?

i did something to get a zap tonight. i don't remember exactly what, but after the zap Mistress waited quite patiently and zapped me again. Then we repeated the whole thing again when it donned on me what She was waiting for. Last time i was with Her (or was it the time before?) she zapped me and had me do that 'Thank you may i have another' thing. It sounds like a cliche thing to have to do but it really is a strange feeling having to ask to be caused so much pain.

i finally got my group officially started. It is called Fetish Emergency and will be just like Fashion Emergency but for people in the D/s community. i did a search for it and it didn't show up so i apparently need to grease some Linden's palm before anyone sees my group.

Here's some irony:
The group is to help people find places that sell what they are looking for but i will probably be one of the worst resources in the group.

Mistress had approved of a banner i made for it and after i gave the whole thing some pondering, i decided to change the name of the group and so i had to change the banner as well. The big mistake: i didn't ask Her if She approved of the new one. Oops.

Tonight was one of those rare occasions where Mistress displayed Her affection to me. i have to confess that if i would be more giving with mine, i might get more in return. There's some more irony for you.

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