Sunday, June 21, 2009

How i am like a Filipina

The people that i have been working with and living among have spent years and years in poverty, deprived of even simple things like a floor that isn't made of dirt. When they get something (like the tiny bags of M&Ms i pass out during training) they are genuinely grateful. i have seen people here eat every last crumb from a Pringles can or a Doritos bag. It is almost as if they don't realize that having a job is supposed to bring long-term prosperity and so they enjoy every crumb of every small treat that they get.

i feel sort of like this with Mistress but i don't mean to say that She is so stingy with Her grace and kindness that i am so destitute. What i mean is that when She offers me something, it is usually received the same way that the 'Pinos accept just one M&M. i am deeply grateful for it and will cherish it and i have no doubts that Mistress gives and takes in rhythm. She will take until i have nothing more to give and then take some more and when She gives back. even a tiny bit seems like a lottery jackpot.

Does this make any sense? At all?

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