Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A first for the gackty

i told Mistress that i'd be online at 3 pm my time which usually isn't a problem. That would normally give me about 5 or 6 hours to sleep before i need to pull myself together and get logged in.

Today was a bit of a challenge.

My shuttle left work about an hour late and so we hit the normal Manila rush hour traffic on the way home which meant that my 90 minute commute lasted about 2 and half hours. Instead of getting to the hotel around 9:30, we got here at about 11. i needed to exercise and do some work things and such so i didn't actually get to bed until around 12:30.

i got up at 2:45 to get ready to log in but i was so tired that i went back to sleep for 15 minutes. i got up again at 3:00 and left Mistress a message that i'd be back in 30 minutes and got a little more sleep. Once i finally got up and logged in, i fell asleep right at the desk. Just sprawled over the keyboard. When i woke up i found a random friendship request from a newbie but nothing else.


i've been looking for ways other than spamming other groups to get the word out about my group. i've been putting it off but at this point it seems like that is going to be the best way to advertise it.