Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sometimes... SL, the 'Pines, life in general really gets to me

My PC was running really slowly tonight and when it just decided to reboot all by itself i realized that it was because it had been downloading and installing some Windows patch at typical Philippine 'high speed' Internet connection speeds (which is not very fast at all - it took over 10 hours for me to download a movie from iTunes once).

So it rebooted and i tried to login to SL which of course completely froze my computer. Once i got it got rebooted AGAIN, it started downloading MORE, and installing more. Sheesh. It took almost 40 minutes for me just to log in to SL.

So anyway, i'm done ranting about that.

i got a nice surprise from Izo tonight (wearing her 'Lotofquestions' costume). She said that she likes to leave me messages but is a bit put off by not being sure if she is IMing me or my offline avatar because of Mistress' wish for me not to advertise my online status.

First off, please know that i would always rather hear from you than not (Izo and everyone) and that you are always welcome to leave me a message no matter what, either in SL or on the blog. Secondly, on behalf of Mistress:

"I emilee gackt, property of Mistress Jacquelin Mazi, do hereby swear to you (as well as my other friends in SL), if my Mistress is not with me, and if i am not severely occupied with a project of some type, I WILL send you an IM letting you know I am here, if I should see you are logged in as well"

emilee gackt notes this and makes the appropriate adjustment to her rules.

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