Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today in SL:

People in SL can be really very nice sometimes. First Izo and now Chili have offered to open their (less laggy) homes to Mistress and me:

[0:34] Chili Theas: (Saved Wed Jun 03 08:21:07 2009) It's not much, but the door is always open and the (mainland) sim is usually lag-free

Mistress and ellery finally had a conversation and from what Mistress shared with me, it looks promising for ellery and Mistress. They had a confrontation free conversation and ellery wasn't scared off like so many in the past have been.

It would be really interesting if Mistress ever did find another that met Her high standards. i sometimes feel like She keeps me only because i am the best She has found so far. If She took on another, i would have an instant friend but also probably find myself raising my own standards for myself in a very subconscious way.

Looking back at how all of my rules have been assigned to me and evolved over time it would be very interesting for me to see what Mistress assigns to another.

my attempt at making SL a better place to be spammed:

[7:32] raulvlc78 Diesel: hi, sorry for disturb, we open a new megashop, with excellents designers of sl, agnes finney, house of alysa, slc, B&G, virtual impresions, emporio and much more designers, if you are interested said me and pass you a note, with designers and your clothings and landmark of shop, more thx for read, have a nice day :)

i sent him my edited version:

Hi there, sorry for the interruption. We are opening a new megashop with work by some of SL's most excellent designers like Agnes Finney, House of Alysa, SLC, B&G, Virtual Impressions, Emporio and many more. If you are interested, please IM me and I will pass you a note with a complete list of the designers, a landmark and much more. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

raulvlc78's reply:

[2009/06/04 7:41] raulvlc78 Diesel: lol all here is spam, y try no disturb more, no pass anything any direction, but always make spam hehe

i need to choose my battles more carefully i guess.

Mistress trusted me with $110L to start up my group and in a moment of generosity, She gave me an extra $190L and told me to get something nice.
  • It is funny how perspective changes; i used to feel impoverished if i had less than $10,000L in my account and now that i have $190L to have fun with, i feel like a Rockefeller.
  • In the past i would have immediately gone to Icing or Ivalde (which i had heard is now closed) but now i feel like i should buy something for 'Her' in a way. Something for me to wear from a place that i know She likes.
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Lotofquestions said...

Two things.
One: Ivalde still exists, and even expanded :-).
Two, and that is very important, as much as having a third person in a SL relationship can be stimulating, it's also very dangerous. I know your slave status doesn't give you much freedom in that concern but also a kind of shelter against jealousy and other bad emotions, but remember it can lead to very very difficult moments and affect you deeply, SL and RL. Dammages in relations, especially in the type of very close relation you're having with your Mistress can be bad, for any of the three persons. I'm sure you know about that, I even think we talked a bit about it, but I always swore to myself I'd repeat it over and over when the question is raised somewhere.