Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Mistress has me doing and how i feel about it...

Mistress dips into RL sometimes but whenever She does, she always moves with great care and concern. Seeing Her navigate between RL and SL is seeing Her at Her most skilled and compassionate moments and although it is sometimes a trial, i am always grateful for it.

Even now.

Mistress has given me a goal by next weekend:
  • Jog for 20 minutes (consecutive minutes and actual jogging - no power walking)
  • 50 tummy crunchers
  • 25 push ups

i am nearly positive that i won't get there, even if She gives me until the last minute of the last hour of the weekend. i've had too many Starbucks and not enough iced teas. She mentioned that if i fail that i wouldn't like the punishment, which by now i have no doubt that She has something awful in mind but what i do like, regardless of the outcome this weekend is that She set this goal for me and it is a good goal, one that i should have set for myself.

So many 'Mistresses' in SL are content to wreak havoc on someone's little cartoon avatar but more than ever, i can see that my Mistress truly 'gets it.' She can flog and flail emilee gackt all She wants but the ways that Mistress has gently pressed into RL have all been thrilling, challenging, exciting sometimes and now what She is doing is actually good for me and i am grateful in a sense that i haven't been before.

But please don't ask if i am still grateful next week when i will most likely be dealing with whatever Her punishment is for not reaching Her goal. i will have no comment.

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