Friday, June 5, 2009

We are not a codfish.

i blogged last time about Ivalde being closed and Izo sent me an IM about a place called Zaara. Was a great place! The designs are so intricate and as well done as i have seen in SL. Almost as good as a Dubrovna. The clothes are great but i was honestly more impressed by the design and lighting effects of the building. It is really amazing.

Do i have another fan? Maybe 'fan' is too strong a word but it is exciting to see that people actually read this blog. i got a very thoughtful comment from someone named 'Lotsofquestions' and i appreciate the Your words very much. i've seen just what You described happen to others and i am as careful as You are.

Mistress had me sit with my mouth open today in SL and RL. Just hanging wide open. It was an odd feeling sitting there typing looking like i was in the van Gogh painting of the screamer. Was that van Gogh or Munch? Maybe i looked more like a fish with my big mouth just hanging open like that. Anyway... that feeling never really passed (it changed a bit after a while until i really felt kind of silly) but eventually it was accompanied by an ache in my jaws and a combination of a dry mouth and a puddle of drool around my tongue. Very odd feeling indeed.

Mistress gave me a mini lesson today and i have no doubt she knew that it would make an impression. i get the idea that She leaves very little to chance. She had me move to a spot next to the chair where She usually sits and then She had me move back to my usual spot:

[1:07] Jacquelin Mazi nods pointing in front of her again.
[1:08] Emilee Gackt scooches back to her normal place...
[1:08] Jacquelin Mazi smiles proudly
[1:09] Jacquelin Mazi: such a good girl... I say this because speaking is not necessary... a well trained slave knows what her Owner likes... and how to read non-verbal commands easily....

i have to admit that this was either just as Mistress said it was or that i just got lucky one more time. i am honestly sure which. i knew that i needed to scooch back over but i am not really sure why i didn't toss in a 'Yes Mistress' in there somewhere. It just seemed right not to somehow... which maybe means that i AM learning and that all the times that Mistress has said "Don't think, just act and react" that She actually knew what She was talking about.

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