Friday, June 19, 2009

The project that wouldn't die

Now everything in RLV goes into a subfolder. My first reaction - literally - was ugh! But then Mistress said it would help her stay organized and so my ugh turned into a 'i'll happily do that!' i guess i can be kind of selfish sometimes.

Gackty makes a funny:

[0:42] Megan Szerman: does anyone have a gesture that has to do with yiffing or murring wth furries?!

[0:42] Megan Szerman: lol

[0:42] Eve Petlyakov: :O

[0:43] Megan Szerman: ty!

[0:43] Jessica Pennent: I always find murring is best emoted

[0:43] Emilee Gackt: Wrong group... You want Interbreeding Emergency

[0:43] Jessica Pennent: lol Emilee :)

[0:43] Mystic Brodsky: :O

[0:46] SeaWay Brodsky: lol

i got to see Jan for the second day in a row. i honestly don't remember that happening since i've been in the 'Pines. She is setting up a new store in a high rise place. Very cosmo of You Jan!

i mentioned to Jan that Mistress has been a bit less severe lately but severe isn't the right word and i wished that i had phrased it in a more positive way. It isn't that She's been less severe; it is that She's been more kind. She's shown affection and is more patient lately. More patient in a patient way if that makes sense. She has always shown tons of patience with me but lately it has been a kindness on her part rather than just because She sort had no other choice.

It is a function of how i've been i am sure. Lately things have just clicked so well for Mistress and i that for Her to show affection and patience like that just seemed natural. At least to me it did.

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