Friday, June 26, 2009

It's good to be home

i'm not surwe why i let myself expect this but i felt like i should confirm it with Mistress either way:

[9:01] Jacquelin Mazi: To answer your questions... your diet remains the same.

i guess i figured that all the diet restriction i had were 'travel rules' and that they'd be relaxed once i got home.

Disappointing but honestly it's for the best. i'll be healthier and keep Mistress happy at the same time.


Lotofquestions said...

And here Izo grins and thinks back of France before Starbucks arrived. No heavy Caramel ice coffees, no opportunities of failing!
Then remembers the country of cheese, red wine and cigarettes and wishes she only had to fight Starbucks.
Can I say welcome back home if I don't live where you live?

Emilee Gackt said...

Of course you can welcome me home! And thanks!