Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank goodness for the imagination

My little cartoon avatar spends a lot of time kneeling. i can only guess how it would really feel if i had to spend that much time on my knees:

  • My SL self kneels with her toes pointed backwards with her butt resting on her heels. It seems like this would eventually cause a lot of pressure on my feet, stretching my ankle ligaments and such, especially in my right ankle - the one i sprained about 6 months ago. Standing up after kneeling like this would be excruciating as everything unstretches itself.
  • My cartoon self usually kneels on a carpet but even if it were a pillow, i can imagine that eventually my weight would press through the cushion and my knees would be pressing into the floor. It would be even worse if i were kneeling upright - without my butt on my heels. No matter how many pillows, i am sure that it would become painful after not very long. i'd have a strong urge to rearrange and shift my weight and don't have to imagine what Mistress' response would be to my fidgeting and fussing.
  • The muscles in my thighs would be continually stretched and i would ache for a chance to to relax and unstretch them.
  • Kneeling like that would be hard on my back. Staying so straight with no slouching would cause my lower back to begin to ache, then throb, then complain all by itself.
  • my hands would constantly be longing to rub aching muscles somewhere but keeping them behind me like that seems like it would make my shoulders begin to ache. i'd want to roll the kinks out of them and would again be stopped by Mistress' lack of interest in my fidgeting.
  • Looking up at Mistress or looking at Her feet would begin to stiffen my neck and again, the need roll a few kinks out of it would become more urgent as time would pass.

It seems like standing up and walking after kneeling for a while would take some time. Blood would need to flow back to numb and aching muscles and tendons; ligaments would slowly creep back to their relaxed states of being.

Thank goodness i only have to imagine kneeling, let alone all the other things that might happen in SL.

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