Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A nice surprise and some lines

[23:49] Izo Pakula: (Saved Tue Apr 14 14:38:29 2009) Hello :-) Sometimes, I wonder if you wonder who reads your blog. Well, there is me. I have absolutely no idea on how I found it, but I liked your comments and kept reading it. I'm a blog reader, and got interested into the way some SL blogs developped. Have a good day :-)

[0:02] Emilee Gackt smiles. "What a nice surprise to login and find this IM waiting for me. Thank You for reading and i hope You enjoy what i write and that it makes sense."

i forgot this from yesterday:

[1:39] Jacquelin Mazi: so how shall we word this in the 100 lines you will write for me hm?

Ugh. Here's how we decided to word it:

"i will accept what Mistress says as the truth and will not forget my assignments."

But wait! There's more!

[1:57] Jacquelin Mazi: you have just earned another 25 lines... "I must remember to expose piercing if my stomach is exposed"

Double ugh. This is why there are such memorable catch phrases like "Sometimes it suck to be a slave."

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