Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hair Correction

In the last episode i had a picture of Jan's new hair but i just realized that the pic was of a demo She had tried on and not, i repeat NOT, Her new hair. Stay tuned for further developments on this breaking story.

i slept late tonight which is an odd thing to say because time here is such a complete mess for me and i wasn't 'sleeping' so much as i was napping. i hadn't gone to bed really; i just laid down and when i woke up it was past the time that i had told Mistress i would be online. i like being in the 'Pines but i am really disliking this schedule:
  • The call center where i am doing training refers to each shift as the following day, i.e., when i go in on a Monday night, it is for the Tuesday shift, even if most of the shift takes place on Monday
  • They provide tech support to Americans who are a day behind, so the Monday shift which for me started the previous night is to support Americans who are still on Sunday
  • Working nights makes things worse because when i have a day off (like today) i have the choice of either trying to stay on my working schedule or actually getting some sleep at night like a normal person
  • i usually just end up taking a few naps here and there throughout the day, weekend or weekday
  • Bleh.

i had a friend (actually i still have this friend) who sent me a notecard of a conversation she had with a man She met in SL. He met her actually; He sent her an IM wanting to get to know her better, spend time, liked her profile, let's get together in RL, etc. It was that last part that was the squinkiest for her. He spent about... oh let's see... zero seconds getting to know her and wanted her to email Him or whatever.

He was one of those guys who have this way of speaking that is full of forced intellectualism but ends up just sounding dorky. In the D/s community in SL (and maybe elsewhere) there are people who have this way of speaking that is just oddly different. They refer to people like me - subs & slaves - as 'girl' or 'little one' and they try to dress up the rest of what they say in layers and layers of unnecessary fluff. To me they just sound pedantic.*

i'm not sure if i am being an iconoclast or sacrilegious here but geez... that is so lame. Why not 'Emilee' instead of 'girl?' Terms like that are ok in a relationship but not when you first meet someone.

Anyway... this man had a few lines like that - way more wordy than necessary in an attempt to sound smart:

  • I came here as another medium to meet and talk with those...
  • the girl has a very good point
  • many take as to become something that they are not...and never can or will be

That last one is kind of my point i guess. He was so wrapped up in trying to sound smart or sophisticated that He is just making no sense.

Anyway... my friend handled him with a LOT more patience than i probably would have. From what she said He still has a newb look and nothing in His profile, which to me says that He is only looking for something quick and not anything lasting. i probably would have ignored His IM and been a smartypants if He had persisted.


Here is where karma steps in and kicks me in the head...

my friend told Him to work on His look and His profile and when He asked for help she said:

"contact Emilee Gackt... she can help you"

So now i have to be nice, don't i? It would be completely disrespectful to my friend if i didn't treat this person with kindness and patience. Honestly i hope He has the sense to send me an IM so that i can be nice to him in spite of myself.

* i have always believed that using the word pedantic is pedantic.

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