Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cause and affect

Sometimes there is a direct relationship between one thing that happens and how another thing reacts. One thing causes another to happen. You put water in a freezer and it turns to ice. Cause and affect.

Sometimes the relationship between the cause and the affect is less clear. Pure motives might have the affect of angering someone when you combine those motives with less than stellar intellect. An action driven by pure motives that ends up angering someone is a hard thing. How do you start again? How do you prove your worth and honesty and without starting from scratch? How do you accentuate the positive - the motives - when there is such a spirit of... is it distrust or just disappointment?

Will time heal it or is it a matter of taking action? Do you douse the fire or let it burn itself out? It is hard to say which is less worse when the fire is burning in someone else.

i try my best with people (most people and certainly some more than others) and i do what i honestly feel is right and proper and sometimes it turns out to be about 1/10 right and 9/10 wrong. That is too wrong for motives to account for; such a lopsided set of scales need to be set right by removing the wrong but how?

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