Sunday, April 5, 2009

Computers baffle me sometimes

Mistress gave me a notecard with instructions to turn off some things that a computer runs that aren't really needed. She send it to me when i had my last laptop, before i traded it in on the one i am typoing (Get it? Typo-ing?) on now.

The instructions were about how to turn things off but more importantly, WHAT to turn off. In Task Manager, you can see how many things are running at once. i had 83 running which Mistress says is very high compared to hers.

i turned off about 10 things like instructions for a Canon scanner (i've never owned a Canon scanner) and the controller for the touchpad (i always use a wireless mouse). i clicked apply, ok, close, restart now, ok, closed everything and let the 'puter restart.

Processes running now: 83.

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