Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inspired but foiled by lagginess and weirdness

The friend i mentioned yesterday (the day before?) renewed my desire to be nice to people and be helpful and so when i saw this in chat i was all set to go be gackty:

[0:13] IsabelleVienna Blackheart shouts: im ugly i need a makover
[0:15] IsabelleVienna Blackheart shouts: anyone wanna talk im me

So i sent an IM:

[0:17] Emilee Gackt: Are you really asking for help or just being a noisemaker?

And She responded:

[0:17] IsabelleVienna Blackheart: im really asking for help

So off i went to find her and after about 5 minutes she STILL hadn't rezzed (thanks SL). When she finally did appear, she was beautiful and was clearly not in need of help. i have no clue why she would lead someone on like that but after she rezzed she just poofed in the middle of our conversation.

Sometimes i start feeling that i am SOOO clever and then i hear things like this:

[2:06] JimmyJoe Galaxy: what are you lookin for? callista
[2:06] Callista Charron: My contact lens, I know I must have dropped it here somewhere

There are two possibilities here:
  • Callista heard ME use that joke and stole it from me or...
  • Maybe i am a little less original than i sometimes let myself believe

Mistress took me to the Ranch tonight and once everything rezzed She told me to dance for her for the first time in ages. If i had put on my th!nkining cap i would have realized what was coming but... no. Her request took me totally by surprise and i did some really quick mental scrambling to remember the pointers that She gave and that a friend helped me with. She said it wasn't bad but in my mind the whole thing came out with painful awkwardness. i suppose the point is not what i felt afterwards but whether She enjoyed it, which i truly hope She did.

While we there Mistress got loads and loads of IMs from potentials (my nice way of saying wannabes). Before the dancing episode, i offered to help Mistress by 'filtering' some of the IMs that She got. "Talk to the gackt 'cause the Mistress is busy!" She might have taken my offer if She hadn't intended for me to dance for Her.

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