Thursday, April 23, 2009

i'm making a list...

... and checking it occasionally because regardless of how thoroughly i check it, no one is going to get any toys.

Well maybe Mistress will.

i am compiling a list of names of people who might be appropriate to add to Mistress' very elite and extremely hard to get onto list of slaves. i am always surprised when She says i am the only one that She has found that measures up.

me? Really?

i guess i am as surprised that i meet Her requirements in the first place and then surprised that i am the only one She has found who does.

After doing a little looking, i am seeing how right she is (about how finding suitable 'applicants' is a challenge).

They must be:
  • Patient (beyond description)
  • Articulate (the first test of this is usually a well written profile)
  • Devoted to looking their best
  • Able to give constant attention to detail in appearance, carriage and demeanor
  • Willing to let Mistress truly own their SL experience

After looking for a day or so, i have three candidates, none of whom are standouts. i am beginning to really see the challenge here. There would be plenty of candidates if i lowered my standards but:

  • They are not my standards to lower and
  • Why should Mistress lower Her standard when it is everyone else who already suffers from a too low set of standards already?

The hunt goes on.

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