Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mistress read my mind...

... but then baffled me. She was having me go through my wardrobe, one outfit after another and so i switched my emotes to maximal brevity mode to save some time between each outfit, which She predicted that i was doing.
[1:15] Jacquelin Mazi: your emotes range from non-existant to pathetic noob styles tonight... I'm allowing it because I'm tired and because you went through a lot of outfits and it would take you forever if you had emoted with each one

i said something about an outfit (as i recall it was about an outfit) and as i was about to emote a response (not noob-styled), She said this:

[1:18] Jacquelin Mazi: SHHHHH
[1:18] Jacquelin Mazi: not a word

i get what She wanted here but the dilemma is that when i am emoting something, it looks to Her like i am about to say something in IM since SL displays 'Emilee Gackt is typing...'

So how to emote without it looking like i am typing in IM? Maybe type the emote in a notecard and paste into IM? Hmm...

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