Friday, April 10, 2009

The stars lined up...

... and Jan and i got to see each other tonight even though we had an abrupt end and i couldn't get back online.

We did a little chatting and then She asked if i wanted to see something cool. The last time She asked me that it was to show me a ballroom where the walls were like movie screens and the played clips from classic movies. Not the entire movie - just he good parts, which was just perfect really.
So She asked me again and of course i said 'Sure!' and she sent a TP to:

The newest, most exclusive fashion destination in SL! i was so happy for Her and this shameless plug is my way of wishing Her a smashing success in Her new career.

After a tour of the store we shopped for hair (we as in Her) and she found a flowy version of her ETD look that was just about perfect (once she got her head deflated a little). Doesn't she have the cutest nose?

Oh... i had to change the poll on the blog due to unsatisfactory results.

i saw Chili on round two in SL, once the Internet was more cooperative. She said to pass on a 'Hi' to Mistress so... Mistress if you are reading this, 'Hi' from Chili. Emilee Gackt ticks that off of her 'to do' list.

Chili and i went to a new (?) place that sells latexy things and boots and such but the entire shop seemed to be built around a huge statue that must have been at least 100 prims. It was like you come for the statue and 'Oh, by the way we also sell boots.'

Geez. First Blogger starts to get wonky on me, so i pasted this all into Word so i didn't lose it, then Word crashes and when i went back to SL, it had crashed. Like i said, Geez!

i saw Mistress again tonight and we talked a bit about religion. Actually that is a very drastic condensation of our conversation (that's right... conversation condensation) but after looking around SL thoroughly and seeing so much that is lacking, i have decided that i am a devout Mazian. Mistress and i have it pretty good really, especially compared to how others exist in SL.

One of the fascinating things about SL (fascinating to me at least) is seeing the world that people create for themselves there. Sometimes they settle for so little when they could be so much with not a lot of effort. Sometimes i feel compassion and try to be helpful and other times i find myself just filled with... hmm... what am i filled with? i guess it is kind of sad amusement. "THAT is what you decided to be here when you could literally be anything?"

i guess the point is that i am happy with what i have in SL and who i know and the world i've created there and for all 3 people who read this, thanks.

/me smiles.

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