Friday, April 3, 2009

On today's episode:

i got another IM from someone in the RLV group. She was having trouble making it work, just like i did when i installed a long time ago. i could picture what needed to go where since i have to re-install RLV every time they issue a new version. The problem was explaining it all in IM to someone who doesn't speak English as a native language. It would take someone with a lot of patience to got to all that trouble. And someone with who is kind and understands what a bother getting it installed properly can be.

i heard from Chili tonight. She is someone i wish i had more time for. Or maybe it is more like i wish i had more time WITH her.

i keep a log of all my conversations with Mistress and i have dozens and dozes of them in my inventory on notecards. i had this idea a long time ago to put them all into Word so that if i (or Mistress) ever wanted to find something we had spoken about, i could easily search for it. It is a time consuming project and i know now why i never finished it last time i started it. That was lazy of me wasn't it? i am hoping to be finished with it by the end of the weekend. Hopefully it will be more than just something that occupied some time and actually be useful.

i watched another episode of Lie to Me. Have i blogged about that? It is a show that Mistress asked me to start watching. i hate to say it but i am enjoying it. me, watching TV and not hating it. Go figure.

The last one i watched was about a wedding, Koreans (not Goreans!) and a man cheating on his wife. The wife is one of the lie spotters so it makes you wonder why she can't spot little signs in his behavior but she can spot things in strangers that show them to be lying, contemplating, cheating, that one of their socks is bunched up, etc.

Mistress said there would be quizzes on this show but so far, no quizzes. This of course means that I should be prepping for a final exam.

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