Monday, April 27, 2009

Identified a phenomenon

The times when i have been in the 'pines have been mostly boring and kind of lonely. Since i am the only person here from my company, i don't have any other Americans to talk to to or to be with and so my best friends have become the barristas at Starbucks and my bottle of sleeping pills.

How sad is that? Just sleep through it all...

Anyway, the thing i noticed is that when i am home and busier with life, i find myself making better use of the time that i have available to invest in whatever i choose to do; since i have more to attend to, the time i have for each thing is more valuable and so i treated it much differently than has become the habit here in the 'Pines.

The flip side is how i have been 'being' in SL. i tell Mistress when i will be online next (something She has required for a long time) and then i just wait for Her. Sometimes i will fill my time with projects or talk to people but really the main thing i do is just wait for Her and after the 5 or 6 weeks i have been here this time, She has finally had enough and honestly, now that i realize this, so have i.

Part of repercussions of this is that there will be a change in my blog. A better title for it from now on might be TMI (too much info) but Mistress gets what Mistress wants. Check back in a few days to see what i mean by this.

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