Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blogger ate my post

/me sneers and grumbles and curses blogger with every keystroke.

Here is what it was, as nearly as i can remember it:

Title: SL drift

i was lucky enough to chat with Jan tonight/today and when She logged off i noticed that i had moved about 2 SL feet. i watched myself for a while and noticed that i was slowly creeping along the floor (through a chair). Possible explanations:
  • The foundation of the house is being eroded by the waves and is about to fall into Hardangerfjord Bay.
  • Global warming is causing my avatar to sweat and the extra moisture made her more slippery than normal; she was moved along by the breeze that you can always hear blowing in SL.
  • i had just clicked my heels and said 'There's no place like home!' three times and was being slowly pulled home.
  • It never actually happened and it was a hallucination caused by a reaction to Filipino 'street food' (what they made me eat yesterday).

i got a group IM from someone need help with RLV (Mistress' magical folder). He wanted to attach something (an object or a script as i remember it) to a throne. i had some snarky comment for him but couldn't actually help him with his problem. i realized how odd it is that i know so little about something that has such a huge impact on my existence in SL. Not that knowing more about would ever do me any good... it just seems strange that it is so foreign to me.

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