Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i used the T-word

i hadn't seen Mistress in days and am living very well within the latest condition she has placed upon me - that i need to emote before each sentence. i feel like i was maybe tempting fate a little.

i emoted twice as i remember it that i was grateful for Mistress' thoughtfulness. i sort of 'got away with' a T-word and maybe became sloppy? So i got zapped and fully realize that i earned it.

We talked about prospective slaves again tonight. It is an odd feeling seeing Her have such high standards and seeing so many fail to be accepted. Is there really no one in SL that can give Mistress waht i have? Am i really all that AND a bag of chips?

(That was ghetto fabulous Emilee. We now return to our normally scheduled blog).

i got back to Arizona VERY late. i was supposed to get in at about midnight Saturday night but there was a problem with the plane and i landed at about 4:30 or so on Sunday morining.

It is shocking really how hard it is to adjust to such a huge time change. Every part of me feels worn out and ragged and at the same time i can barely get any sleep. i either feel this need to be working and preparing for my trip back to the Phils or it is daytime in the Phils and i just can't sleep. Ugh! Sleeping pills make me so dizzy but i am not seeing much of a choice.

Double ugh!

It was a good night in SL:

[2:53] Jacquelin Mazi nods and slips off to bed exhausted...... but .... pleased

The exhausted part wasn't good although i am grateful that she stayed up. It was the pleased part that made me happiest.

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