Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's done!

Finally! i finished the project and it is a thing of beauty (hopefully). Everything is ordered by category (i.e. pants, shoes, tops, etc.) and then given a description (Pants - black w/ pattern).

All the 'extras' for each outfit, shoes, etc., were put into a subfolder called 'Extras.' i started out putting everything into subfolders called 'Not Worn' but after about half way through, i realized that if i ever needed to search for something i was wearing (i.e. type 'worn' in the search box) i would get hundreds of results so i went with 'Extras' instead.

i'm off to Manila on Friday morning and i land many MANY hours later. This flight goes Phx > San Francisco > Hong Kong > Manila. i won't be back until sometime Saturday morning SL time. i am SO going to take a sleeping pill (probably more than just one really) on this flight.

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