Monday, March 30, 2009

i might have angered the Lindens

Someone asked for help getting rid of the statistics bar (View > Statistics Bar or Ctrl-Shift-1). That got me curious about all the tabs and options i never use. i clicked one that said 'Leave Admin Status.' i clicked it based on the assumption that i could click it again and undo whatever i did by clicking it.

[0:24] Leaving god mode, level 0

Hm. Pretty unspectacular. i clicked it again to undo it and go back to being God:

[0:24] Leaving god mode, level 0

Uhoh. Taken away for good it looks like.

Then i found something else that looked like it would fix things right up: 'Request Admin Status.' i clicked with the highest of expectations:

[0:32] Request for special powers failed. This request has been logged.

Logged? With whom? Will this affect my ability to work in the United States? What powers? Can't they just deny me the powers and not be tattletales about it?


Jaan Dubrovna said...

I hadn't read your blog in a few days--I seem to be so busy these days. But how refreshing it was to read what you wrote. You really are someone special Emilee. I am glad you are my friend

Emilee Gackt said...

Jan you do lift my spirits. When i am so far a way and kind of alone... i appreciate you.

You know what i miss about the US? There are Prius' (Priuses?) all over the place which always reminds me of you. So far in the 'Pines? Not one prius sighting.

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