Monday, March 23, 2009

It STILL won't die!

Mistress hated my little lettering scheme even though it was one of my brightest flashes of brilliance. Oh well. Back to it i suppose. i am here and now publicly resolving that this will be the last time i will have to work on this particular project and You are all my witnesses.

i got to see Jan for the second day in a row. *smiles* But... about a minute after She logged in, Mistress logged in so it was a short visist.

Before that i got an IM from the Newbie Helper Group from a woman in the Philippines. What are the chances of that? i was amazed. She had asked about schools and learning in SL. i did a search for 'school' and even i was shocked. i literally couldn't find one that wasn't directly related to sex. That poor woman. i tried to point her in other directions though. Skydiving, music, etc. She had already done the dancing/partying thing and was wanting to get something from SL other than just melting her brain a little. I gave her some advice that was typically gackty.

i told her to make some friends. To me, SL is 100% about people. The ones you meet and the ones you cherish. In her case, for me at least it was about offering her a friend and some help when she was so lost. Jan knows just what i mean. Helping people is its own reward.

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