Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She said it again

[0:55] Jacquelin Mazi: now... here is the thing.... listen very closely

i am starting to like when Mistress says 'This is important' or 'Listen very carefully.' It makes blogging a lot easier for one and secondly it (obviously) helps me know what to focus on.

This time was a little different though and ended up being quite a project. Mistress has a magical folder in MY inventory that lets Her control what i wear. So... it makes sense that i should put my clothes in that folder, right? And it makes sense that i should label each folder with a brief description of the outfit that it contains, right?

This is a huge project. i own nearly everything that Last Call ever made, same with Icing, lots from Nyte n Day, etc, etc, etc.

i am going to be doing a LOT of clicking and renaming and dragging and dropping. Yikes!

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