Friday, March 6, 2009

"Remember this!"

Mistress began a sentence with "Remember this!" and so it is certainly blog worthy.

i've been sounding kind of pathetic lately and it is a combination of two things.

As i wrote that last sentence, i realized that what i am about to write might sound like an excuse. i mean it as an explanation.

i was so pleased when Mistress gave me my most recent rule - the one about having to emote before EVERYTHING i say in SL. i took that to mean offline IMs as well. Let me back up.

Sometimes i log in and see Mistress and all is well in Gacktyland. On a really good day (like today) i'll get so see Jan too. There are other days where i won't see either of them, which is a disappointment but no big deal really. i mean life goes on, right?

So when i log off after not having seen Mistress, i will send Her an IM saying that i was sorry to have missed Her but my attempt at emoting that made me sound like a simpering little needy-butt. i told Her that i am truly grateful that She told me about it. It is like telling a friend that they have mustard on their lip. i don't want to KEEP doing it but i wasn't aware how i sounded.

So the two things...
  • Thing 1: i am still trying to get better at what to emote and i need to include more. Not just feelings but body language and more physical things.
  • Thing 2: i was following the letter of the new rule but kind of missed the point of it.
Also: To shrug is a sign of apathy and i need to not shrug any more. It is rude of me to offer anyone a shrug as a response.

My outfit experiment: A total bust.

[0:40] Jacquelin Mazi: I seriously love that outfit.... seemed a shame to have you huddled in a kneel wearing it.... I just wanted to see you in it... so I thought I would display you while we spoke *smiles*... the belly button piercing sets it off very nicely

[0:41] Emilee Gackt smiles, more than Your answer gives her cause to. "i need to confess something Mistress."

[0:41] Jacquelin Mazi: its new..... Jaan bought it

[0:42] Emilee Gackt shakes her head, still smiling. "May i speak please Mistress?"

[0:42] Jacquelin Mazi cringes: "I'm losing my touch? Hm..... I blame you.... fine.... you may speak... I will beat you for it later"

[0:43] Emilee Gackt smiles. "Fair enough Mistress. i wore this for the first time tonight. You bought it for me when we first met and i never liked it. i was sure that you wouldn't like it - it seems so unlike Your usual tastes. i expected You to tell me not to wear it again."

[0:44] Emilee Gackt smiles, looking down at You. "And i would have found some sly way to let You know that You chose it for me."

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Jaan Dubrovna said...

Aha! So her first thought is that Jaan is the troublemaker. Jan laughs.

Oh, well, I probably would be if I could get away with it.

Jan smiles.