Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maybe it's done...

... but why do i kind of doubt it?

i didn't mind so much having to rename all of the folders *again* but i felt like i was slashing the Mona Lisa as i was doing it. i put so much brain power into how i had labelled everything and all the names were so neatly grouped and i was so proud.

Turns out i kind of overbrained it. It was simple to me because it was my creation. It wasn't ME who had to memorize that O was for outfits and G was for silks. Mistress was right that it was kind of silly but i still had a softness in my heart for my pretty folder. Part of me died with it.

*sniffs sadly*

So the new folder is hopefully as Mistress likes it. To me is less descriptive but it is Mistress' folder in my inventory and so it must be put just how She likes it, like it or not.

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